Nursing Interventions for Botulism

Nursing Interventions: Botulism

  1. If you suspect the patient ate contaminated food, obtain a careful history of his food intake for the past several days.
  2. If the patient ate the food within several hours, induce vomiting, begin gastric lavage, and give a high enema to purge any unabsorbed toxins from the bowel.
  3. If clinical signs of botulism appear, have the patient admitted to the intensive care unit.
  4. Before giving anti-toxin, obtain an accurate patient history of allergies.
  5. If the patient has difficulty in swallowing, initiate nasogastric tube feedings or TPN as ordered.
  6. Suction the patient as needed.
  7. Administer I.V. fluids as ordered.
  8. Turn the patient often and encourage deep breathing exercises.
  9. Position the patient in proper alignment and assist with range-of-motion exercises.
  10. Observe the patient carefully for abnormal neurologic signs.
  11. Monitor intake and output.
  12. If the patient has difficulty speaking, try to anticipate his needs. Assure him that this symptom will pass and establish an alternative method of communication.

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