Nursing Interventions for Pressure Ulcers

Nursing Interventions: Pressure Ulcers

1.    Reposition the patient at least every 2 hours around the clock.

2.    Perform passive range-of motion exercises.

3.    Use pressure relief aids on the patient’s bed.

4.    Give patient meticulous skin care.

5.    Offer the patient bedpan or commode frequently.

6.    Clean open lesions with normal saline solutions.

7.    Encourage adequate food and fluid intake to maintain body weight and promote healing.

8.    Encourage the patient to eat frequent, small meals that include protein and calorie-rich supplements.

9.    Monitor the patient for infection at the ulcer site.

10. Teach the patient and his family position-changing techniques and active and passive ROM exercises.

11. Teach the patient to avoid skin-damaging agents such as harsh soaps, alcohol based products and benzoin.

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