Nursing Interventions for Liver Cancer

Nursing Interventions: Liver Cancer

  1. Give analgesics as ordered and encourage the patient to identify care measures that promote comfort.
  2. Provide patient with a special diet that restricts sodium, fluids, and protein and that prohibits alcohol.
  3. To increase venous return and prevent edema, elevate the patient’s legs whenever possible.
  4. Keep the patient’s fever down.
  5. Provide meticulous skin care.
  6. Turn the patient frequently and keep his skin clean to prevent pressure ulcers.
  7. Prepare the patient for surgery, if indicated.
  8. Provide comprehensive care and emotional assistance.
  9. Monitor the patient for fluid retention and ascites.
  10. Monitor respiratory function.
  11. Explain the treatments to the patient and his family, including adverse reactions the patient may experience.

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