Nursing Interventions for Nephrotic Syndrome

Nursing Interventions: Nephrotic Syndrome

  1. Administer medications, such as diuretics, antibiotics, and corticosteroids as ordered.
  2. Ask dietitian to plan a low-sodium diet with moderate amounts of protein.
  3. Provide meticulous skin care to combat the edema that usually occurs with nephrotic syndrome.
  4. Encourage activity and exercise and provide antiembolism stockings as ordered.
  5. Frequently check the patient’s urine for protein, indicated by frothy appearance.
  6. Monitor and document the location and charater of edema.
  7. Measure blood pressure while the patient is in s supine position and standing.
  8. Monitor intake and output hourly.
  9. Assess the patient’s response to prescribed medications.
  10. Stress the importance of adhering to the special diet.

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