Nursing Interventions for Instestinal Obstruction

Nursing Interventions: Instestinal Obstruction

  1. Allow the patient nothing by mouth, as ordered.
  2. Insert a nasogastric tube to decompress the bowel as ordered.
  3. Begin and maintain I.V. therapy as ordered.
  4. Administer analgesics, broad spectrum antibiotics, and other medication, as ordered.
  5. Keep the patient in semi-Fowler’s or Fowler’s position as much as possible to promote pulmonary ventilation.
  6. Look for signs of dehydration.
  7. Monitor nasogastric tube drainage for color, consistency, and amount.
  8. Monitor intake and output.
  9. Monitor vital signs frequently.
  10. When administering medication, monitor the patient for the desired effects and for adverse reactions.
  11. Continually assess the patient’s pain.
  12. Monitor urine output carefully to assess renal function, circulating blood volume, and possible urine retention due to bladder compression by the distended intestine.
  13. Teach the patient about his disorder, focusing on his type of intestinal obstruction, its cause, and signs and symptoms.
  14. Emphasize the importance of following a structured bowel regimen, particularly if the patient had a mechanical obstruction from fecal impaction.

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