Nursing Interventions for Decubitus Ulcers



  • Change patient’s position every two hours to stop ulcers from forming
  • If a person is bed bound, move the person from lying on his back to the left side, then the right side, and then back to his back.
  • Do not raise the head of the bed more than 30 degrees to prevent the patient from sliding down the bed. Use pillows and assistive cushioning to keep proper positioning and body alignment.
  • Place soft cushioning between bony prominences (ankles, wrists and other hard bone areas)
  • Replace mattresses with specialty bedding containing water or gel.
  • Apply soft wraps or cushioning made from cotton or wool to protect bony areas. Add specialized booties and ankle wraps for additional protection to specific joint
  • Monitor client’s skin care practices, noting type of soap or other cleansing agents used, temperature of water, and frequency of skin cleansing.
  • Keep the skin dry and moisture free.
  • Wash the skin daily; use a washcloth and always pat skin dry.
  • Apply noncaking body powder to areas of the skin touching each other
  • Select a topical treatment that will maintain a moist wound-healing environment and that is balanced with the need to absorb exudate.
  • Change bedsheets on a daily basis.
  • Look at all areas of the skin daily. Inspect for areas of redness and warmth, the beginning signs a pressure sore is forming.
  • Monitor client’s continence status, and minimize exposure of skin impairment and other areas to moisture from incontinence, perspiration, or wound drainage.
  • If client is incontinent, implement an incontinence management plan to prevent exposure to chemicals in urine and stool that can strip or erode the skin. Refer to a urologist or gastroenterologist for incontinence assessment

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3 thoughts on “Nursing Interventions for Decubitus Ulcers

  1. I had a home care pt that would not heal no matter what the Dr ordered, it wasn’t this bad but if I continued doing what the Doc said it would have torrent much worse. I called a old nurse friend to see if she had any idea. She said try the old fashion way. She said of course chand his position but take warm water pat it then pat dry. Then get a old lamp sprinkle alittle table surger on the center of the decube put the lamp close but not to close . I did this everyday and it healed. i will never forget it

  2. Please Marcia C I’ve read your comment and wish you send me your posts and clear steps of how you go about it..thanks..!

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