Nursing Interventions for Diphtheria




  • Assess for hoarseness, stridor, shortness of breath, and cyanosis
  • Keep patient on strict bed rest, strict isolation.
  • Room should be bright, sunny and with adequate means of ventilation
  • Provide cleansing throat gargle as ordered.
  • Give liquid or soft diet, gavage or parenteral fluid.
  • Observe for respiratory obstruction (tracheotomy).
  • Use suctioning as needed.
  • O2 therapy as ordered.
  • Administer Antitoxin against toxin (as ordered)
  • Administer toxoid to immunized contact (as ordered)
  • Administer Broad spectrum antibiotic against diphtheria bacilli (as ordered)
  • Provide Health teaching on proper hygiene and universal precaution
  • Monitor Vital signs
  • Provide oral care as the mouth, teeth and lips demand careful attention

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