Nursing Interventions for Digestive System Neoplasm



  1. Assess characteristics of pain, location, frequency.
  2. Assess the factors causing pain relief (fear, anger, anxiety) so as to provide appropriate action to reduce the pain.
  3. Teach relaxation techniques take a deep breath to help override the pain as well as to help to relax and reduce nausea.
  4. Administer analgesics as ordered.
  5. Describe any actions to be performed on the patient to promote cooperation in every action and to reduce patient anxiety.
  6. Serve food in small portions but often and warm to increase appetite.
  7. Assess the patient’s eating habits to know which type of food will help improve the patient’s appetite.
  8. Measure the weight whenever possible to determine the weight loss.
  9. Collaborate with physicians for the provision of vitamins to prevent deficiency due to reduced absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.
  10. Provide adequate rest periods to provide enough energy and help in the healing process.
  11. Assess the ability to move to know which specific activities can be done.

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