Nursing Interventions for Thyroid Cancer

thyroid cancer


  1. Observe patient for signs of pain both verbal and nonverbal
  2. Teach and encourage patients to use relaxation techniques
  3. Administer analgesic as ordered (for pain, if needed)
  4. Monitor respiratory frequency, depth of breathing; Auscultate breath sounds and record a Ronchi
  5. Assess for dyspnea, stridor and cyanosis
  6. Provide oxygen therapy if necessary
  7. Determine the patient’s ability to chew, swallow and taste food. Evaluate teeth, gums, note denture fit for oral health as they may affect ingestion and/or digestion of nutrients.
  8. Promote a pleasant, relaxing environment, including socialization when possible to enhance intake.
  9. Encourage patient to choose foods or have the family member bring foods that seem appealing to simulate the appetite.
  10. Give several small meals and snacks daily to relieve dysphagia.
  11. Promote adequate and timely fluid intake to reduce possibility of early satiety.
  12. Periodically examine the function of speech of patient
  13. Keep communication simple
  14. Provide a suitable alternative method of communication if patient is having difficulty of speaking
  15. Anticipate patient needs as possible

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