Nursing Interventions for Asthma

Nursing Interventions: Asthma

  1. Maintain respiratory function and relieve bronchoconstriction while allowing mucus plug expulsion.
  2. Control exercise-induced asthma by having the patient sit down, rest, and use diaphragmatic and pulse-lip breathing until shortness of breath subsides.
  3. Supervise the patient’s drug regimen.
  4. Demonstrate the proper use of metered doe inhaler properly.
  5. Reassure the patient during an asthma attack and stay with him.
  6. Place the patient in semi-fowler position and encourage diaphragmatic breathing.
  7. Assist him to relax as much as possible.
  8. As ordered, administer oxygen by nasal cannula toease breathing and to increase arterial oxygen saturation during an acute asthma attack.
  9. Adjust oxygen according to the patient’s vital functions and ABG measurements.
  10. Administer drugs and I.V. fluids as ordered.
  11. Combat dehydration with I.V. fluids until the patient can tolerate oral fluids, which will help loosen secretions.
  12. Encourage the patient to express his fears and concerns about his illness.
  13. Encourage the patient to identify and comply with care measures and activities that promote relaxation.

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