Nursing Interventions for Anaphylaxis

Nursing Interventions: Anaphylaxis

  1. Provide supplemental oxygen and observe. If hypoxia continues, prepare to help insert an artificial airway.
  2. Insert an I.V. line for giving emergency drugs and volume expanders.
  3. Continually reassure the patient and explain all tests and treatments to reduce fear and anxiety.
  4. If the patient undergoes skin or scratch testing. Keep emergency resuscitation equipment nearby during and after the test.
  5. Continuously assess the patient’s response to treatment.
  6. Monitor vital signs and cardiopulmonary and neurologic function.
  7. Observe for complications associated with anaphylaxis, such as vascular collapse and acute respiratory insufficiency or obstruction.
  8. Closely observe a patient with known allergies for anaphylaxis when giving a drug with high anaphylactic potential.

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