Nursing Interventions for Esophageal Diverticula

Nursing Interventions: Esophageal Diverticula

  1. If the patient regurgitates food and mucus, protect the patient from aspiration by positioning him with his head elevated or turned to one side.
  2. If the patient has dysphagia, record well tolerated foods and note circumstances that ease swallowing.
  3. Administer ordered antacids nad provide antireflux care.
  4. Regularly assess the patient’s nutritional status.
  5. Monitor the patient’s degree of discomfort and the effectiveness of treatment.
  6. Monitor respiratory signs and symptoms that suggest aspiration.
  7. Teach the patient about his disorder.
  8. Explain necessary diagnostic tests and treatments.
  9. Emphasize the need to chew food thoroughly to prevent food particles from becoming trapped in the diverticulum.
  10. Teach the patient how to perform massage or postural drainage to prevent aspiration.
  11. Support the patient emotionally, especially if he’s upset and concerned about his symptoms.

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