Nursing Interventions for Pulmonary Edema

Nursing Interventions: Pulmonary Edema

  1. Help the patient relax to promote oxygenation.
  2. Place the patient in high Fowler’s position to enhance lung expansion.
  3. Administer oxygen as ordered.
  4. Carefully record the time morphine is given and the amount administered.
  5. Assess the patient’s condition frequently.
  6. Watch for complications of treatment such as electrolyte depletion.
  7. Monitor vital signs every 15 to 30 minutes or more often as indicated.
  8. Urge the patient to comply with the prescribed medication regimen to avoid future episodes of pulmonary edema.
  9. Explain all procedure to the patient and his family.
  10. Emphasize reporting early signs of fluid overload.
  11. Review all prescribed medications with the patient.
  12. Discuss ways to observe physical energy.

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