Nursing Interventions for Cholelithiasis

Nursing Interventions: Cholelithiasis

  1. Place the patient in low Fowler’s position.
  2. Provide intravenous fluids and nasogastric suction.
  3. Provide water and other fluids and soft diet, after bowel sounds return.
  4. Instruct the patient to use a pillow to splint incision.
  5. Administer analgesic agents as ordered.
  6. Remind patient to expand lungs fully to prevent atelectasis.
  7. Promote early ambulation.
  8. Monitor elderly and obese patients most closely for respiratory problems,
  9. Place drainage bag in patient’s pocket when ambulating.
  10. Observe for indications of infection, leakage of bile, or obstruction of bile drainage.
  11. Observe for jaundice.
  12. Note and report right upper quadrant pain, nausea, and vomiting.
  13. Change dressing frequently, using ointment to protect skin from irritation.

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