Nursing Interventions for Chlamydial Infections

Nursing Interventions: Chlamdial Infections

  1. Use standard precautions when examining the patient, giving patient care, and handling contaminated material.
  2. Double-bag all soiled dressings and contaminated instruments.
  3. Examine and test the patient’s sexual contacts for Chlamydial infection.
  4. Check the newborn infant of an infected mother for signs of infection.
  5. Monitor the patient for complications.
  6. Monitor the patient’s compliance with treatment, and evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.
  7. Teach the patient the dosage requirements of his prescribed medication.
  8. Teach the patient to follow proper hygiene measures.
  9. To prevent eye contamination, tell the patient to avoid touching any discharge and to wash his hands before touching his eyes.
  10. To prevent re-infection during treatment, recommend that the patient either abstain from intercourse or use condom.
  11. Urge the patient to inform sexual partners of his infection so that they can seek treatment.
  12. Tell the patient to return for follow-up testing.

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