Nursing Interventions for Glomerulonephritis

Nursing Interventions: Glomerulonephritis

  1. Provide best rest during the acute phase.
  2. Perform passive range of motion exercises for the patient on bed rest.
  3. Allow the patient to resume normal activities gradually as symptoms subside.
  4. Consult the dietician about a diet high in calories and low in protein, sodium, potassium, and fluids.
  5. Protect the debilitated patient against secondary infection by providing good nutrition and hygienic technique and preventing contact with infected people.
  6. Check the patient’s vital signs and electrolyte values.
  7. Monitor intake and output and daily weight.
  8. Report peripheral edema or the formation of ascites.
  9. Explain to the patient taking diuretics that he may experience orthostatic hypotension and dizziness when he changes positions quickly.
  10. Provide emotional support for the patient and his family.
  11. If the patient is scheduled for dialysis, explain the procedure fully.

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