Nursing Interventions for Glaucoma

Nursing Interventions: Glaucoma

  1. Remember to administer cycloplegic eyedrops in the affected eye only. In the affected eye, these drops may precipitate an attack of angle-closure glaucoma and threaten the patient’s residual vision.
  2. After trabeculectomy, give medications as ordered to dilate pupila.
  3. Apply topical corticostroids as ordered to rest the pupil.
  4. After surgery, protect the affected eye by applying an eye patch and eye shield.
  5. Position the patient on his back or unaffected side, and following general safety measures.
  6. Administer pain medications as ordered.
  7. Encourage ambulation immediately after surgery.
  8. Encourage the patient to express his concerns related to having a chronic condition.
  9. Monitor the patient’s ability to see clearly. Question the patient regularly about the occurrence of visual changes.
  10. Monitor the patient’s intra-occular pressures.
  11. Stress the importance of meticulous compliance with prescribed drug therapy.
  12. Instruct the patient’s family how to modify the patient’s environment for safety.
  13. Teach the patient the signs and symptoms that require immediate medical attention, such as sudden vision change or eye pain.

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