Nursing Interventions for Trachoma


  • Encourage patient and family to prevent the spread of the disease.
  • Isolate patient because this disease spreads through direct contact
  • Encourage personal hygiene
  • Carry out antibiotic treatment as prescribed by the physician (The antibiotic of choice for treating active trachoma is azithromycin)
  • Observe nonverbal reactions of discomfort since swelling of the lymph nodes, photophobia and inflammation may be present
  • Perform a comprehensive pain assessment includes the location, characteristics, duration, frequency, quality
  • Determine the visual acuity, note whether one or both eyes are involved (for corneal damage)
  • Utilize good hand washing t Wash hands before contact with patients and between procedure with the patient.
  • Observe for signs and symptoms of disorientation.
  • Orient the patient on the environment, other people in the area. (provides increased comfort and familiarity)

Place the items needed / call bell within reach positions on the near side allowing patients to see objects more easily and facilitate the call for help when needed.

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