Nursing Interventions for Encephalitis

Nursing Interventions: Encephalitis

  1. Maintain adequate fluid intake to prevent dehydration, but avoid fluid overload, which may increase cerebral edema.
  2. Maintain adequate nutrition. Give small, frequent meals, or supplement meals with nasogastric tube or parenteral feedings.
  3. To prevent constipation and minimize the risk of increased ICP resulting from straining at stool, provide a mild laxative or stool softener.
  4. Carefully positioned the patient to prevent joint stiffness and neck pain, and turn the patient often.
  5. Provide thorough mouth care.
  6. Maintain a quiet environment. Darkening the room may decrease headache.
  7. if the patient has seizures, take precautions to protect him from injury.
  8. Measure and record intake and output.
  9. If the patient becomes delirious or confused, try to reorient him often.
  10. Teach the patient and his family about the disease and its effects.

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