Nursing Interventions for Hepatitis

Nursing Interventions: Hepatitis

  1. Observe standard precautions to prevent disease transmission.
  2. Provide rest periods throughout the day.
  3. Schedule treatments and tests so the patient can rest between activities.
  4. To help the patient maintain an adequate diet, avoid overloading his tray.
  5. Administer supplemental vitamins and commercial feedings, as ordered.
  6. Provide adequate fluid intake atleast 4 liters of liquid daily.
  7. Observe the patient for desired and adverse effects of medication.
  8. Record the patient’s weight daily, and keep accurate intake and output records.
  9. Watch for signs of complications, such as changes in level of consciousness, ascites, edema, dehydration, respiratory problems, myalgia, and arthalgia.
  10. Teach the patient about the diseases, its signs and symptoms, and recommended treatments.
  11. Explain all the necessary diagnostic tests.
  12. Stress the importance of continued medical care.

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