Nursing Interventions for Hepatic Encephalopathy

Nursing Interventions: Hepatic Encephalopathy

  1. Promote rest, comfort, and a quiet atmosphere. Instruct the patient to avoid stressful exercise.
  2. Administer medications, as ordered.
  3. Ask the dietary department to provide specified low-protein diet, with carbohydrates supplying most of the calories.
  4. Provide good mouth care, as ordered.
  5. Use appropriate safety measures to protect the patient fro injury.
  6. Frequently assess and record the patient’s level of consciousness.
  7. Monitor the patient’s intake, output, and fluid and electrolyte balance.
  8. Watch for and immediately report laboratory indicators of clinical signs of anemia.
  9. Assess the patient for the desired effects of medication and watch for adverse reactions.
  10. Teach the patient and his family about the disease and treatment.

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