Nursing Interventions for Intussusception

Nursing Interventions: Intussusception

  1. Administer I.V. fluids as ordered. If the patient is in shock, give blood or plasma as ordered.
  2. A nasogastric tube is inserted to decompress the bowel.
  3. Replace volume lost as ordered.
  4. Prepare the patient for hydrostatic reduction and answer question to allay fears.
  5. Monitor vital signs frequently.
  6. Check intake and output and watch for signs of dehydration and bleeding.
  7. Monitor amount and type of drainage from the nasogastric tube.
  8. Explain what happens in intussuseption to the patient and his family.
  9. If surgery is required, provide preoperative teaching.
  10. To minimize the stress of hospitalization, encourage patient to participate in their child’s care as much as possible.

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