Nursing Interventions for Lyme Disease

Nursing Interventions: Lyme Disease

  1. Plan care to provide adequate rest.
  2. Ask patient about possible drug allergies before administering antibiotics.
  3. Administer ananlgesics and antipyretics as ordered.
  4. If the patient has arthritis, help him with range of motion and strengthening exercises but avoid overexerting him.
  5. Protect the patient from sensory over load and reorient him if needed.
  6. Monitor the patient’s vital signs, especially his temperature.
  7. Watch for signs and symptoms of complications, such as cardiovascular or neurologic dysfunction and arthritis.
  8. Monitor the effectiveness of administered medication.
  9. Instruct the patient to take antibiotic medications as prescribed.
  10. Urge the patient to return for follow up check up care and to report recurrent or new symptoms to the physician.
  11. Inform the patient and his family about ways to prevent lyme disease.

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