Nursing Interventions for Malignant Lymphomas

Nursing Interventions: Malignant Lymphomas

  1. Administer pain medications as ordered.
  2. Provide rest periods if the patient tires easily.
  3. Offer the patient such fluids as orange juice or ginger ale to counteract nausea.
  4. Provide the patient with plenty of fluids to help flush out the cells that are destroyed during treatment.
  5. Provide a well balanced, high calorie, high protein diet.
  6. If the patient can’t tolerate oral feeding, administer I.V. fluids.
  7. Listen to the patient’s fears and concerns.
  8. Involve the patient and his family in his care whenever possible.
  9. Monitor the effectiveness of administered analgesics and other medications.
  10. Monitor the patient’s CBC, uric acid level, and serum calcium level for abnormalities.
  11. Make sure the patient receives thorough explanations about all treatment.

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