Nursing Interventions for Gastroenteritis

Nursing Interventions: Gastroenteritis

  1. Plan care to allow uninterrupted rest periods for the patient.
  2. If the patient is nauseated, advise him to avoid quick movements, which can increase the severity of nausea.
  3. If the patient can tolerate oral fluids, replace lost fluids and electrolytes with broth, ginger, ale, and lemonade, as tolerated.
  4. If dehydration occurs, administer oral and I.V. fluids as ordered.
  5. To ease anal irritation caused by diarrhea, clean the area carefully and apply repellent cream, such as petroleum jelly.
  6. Wash hand thoroughly after giving care to avoid spreading of infection, and use standard precaution whenever handling vomitus or stools.
  7. Monitor the patient’s fluids status carefully.
  8. Assess vital signs at least every 4 hours, weigh him daily, and record intake and output.
  9. Teach the patient about gastroenteritis, describing its symptoms and varied causes.
  10. Teach the patient the proper preventive measures.

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