Nursing Interventions for Gastritis

Nursing Interventions: Gastritis

  1. If the patient is vomiting, give antiemetics.
  2. Administer I.V. fluids as ordered to maintain fluid and electrolyte imbalance.
  3. When the patient can tolerate oral feedings, provide a bland diet that takes into account his food preference. Restart feedings slowly.
  4. Offer smaller, more frequent servings to reduce the amount of irritating gastric secretions.
  5. Help patient identify specific foods that cause gastric upset and eliminate them from his diet.
  6. Administer antacids and other prescribed medications as ordered.
  7. If pain or nausea interferes with the patient’s appetite, administer pain medications or antiemetics about 1 hour before meals.
  8. Monitor the patient’s fluid intake and output and electrolyte levels.
  9. Assess the patient for presence of bowel sounds.
  10. Monitor the patient’s response to antacids and other prescribed medications.
  11. Monitor the patient’s compliance to treatment and elimination of risk factors in his lifestyle.
  12. Teach the patient about the disorder.
  13. Urge the patient to seek immediate attention for recurring signs and symptoms, such as hematemesis, nausea, or vomiting.

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