Nursing Interventions for Peptic Ulcers

Nursing Interventions: Peptic Ulcers

  1. Support the patient emotionally and offer reassurance.
  2. Administer prescribed medications.
  3. Provide six small meals a day or small hourly meals as ordered.
  4. Schedule care so that the patient gets plenty of rest.
  5. Monitor the effectiveness of administered medications, and also watch for adverse reactions.
  6. Assess the patient’s nutritional status and the effectiveness of measures used to maintain it. Weigh him regularly.
  7. Teach the patient about peptic ulcer disease, and help him to recognize its signs and symptoms.
  8. Review the proper use of prescribed medications, dicussing the desired actions and possible adverse effect of each drug.
  9. Instruct the patient to take antacids 1 hour after meals.
  10. Warn the patient to avoid aspirin containing drugs because they irritate gastric mucosa.
  11. Encourage the patient to make appropriate lifestyle changes.

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