Nursing Interventions for Small Pox

small pox

  1. Place infected person immediately into strict isolation. Keep patient infected in isolation for 17 days or until the scabs fall off. Practice strict infection control measures while caring for the patient.
  2. Quarantine anyone who has come into contact with the infected person for up to 17 days prior to the onset of that infected person’s illness.
  3. Provide eye care.
  4. Promote good oral hygiene.
  5. Replace fluid lost from fever and skin breakdown
  6. Give diet as tolerated. Maintain adequate hydration and nutrition, although eating and drinking are difficult due to the painful pustules that sometimes form in the mouth and oropharynx
  7. Keep external lesions clean and dry.
  8. Incinerate or decontaminate chemically all contaminated instruments, surfaces, excretions, fluids, and other. Clothing and bedding should be incinerated, autoclaved, or washed in hot water and hypochlorite bleach.
  9. Administer antibiotics as ordered for secondary skin infections.
  10. Severe cases may require sedatives, I.V fluid, oxygen, blood transfusion. Intravenous fluids may be needed to prevent dehydration and antipyretic medications can be used to control fever.

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