Nursing Interventions for Hemorrhoids

Nursing Interventions: Hemorrhoids

  1. Administer local anesthetic as prescribed.
  2. As needed, provide warm sitz baths or cold compresses to reduce local pain, swelling, and information.
  3. Provide the patient with high fiber diet and encourage adequate fluid intake and exercise to prevent constipation.
  4. Monitor the patient’s pain level and the effectiveness of the prescribed medications.
  5. Check for signs and symptoms of anal infection, such as increases pain and foul smelling anal drainage.
  6. Teach the patient about hemorrhoidal development, predisposing factors, and tests.
  7. Encourage the patient to eat high fiber diet to promote regular bowel movement.
  8. Emphasize the need for good anal hygiene. Caution against vigorous wiping with washcloths and using harsh soaps.
  9. Encourage the use of medicated astringent pads and toilet paper without dyes or perfumes.

Prepare the patient for surgery if necessary

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