Nursing Interventions for Diarrhea

  1. Replace fluid and electrolyte losses
  2. Provide good perianal care. Diarrheal stool is oftentimes highly acidic. This causes anal soreness and irritation in the perianal area.
  3. Promote rest. To reduce peristalsis.
  4. Diet
    • Small amounts of bland foods
    • Low fiber diet
    • BRAT Diet (banna, rice, apple, toast)
    • Avoid excessively hot or cold fluids. These are stimulants.
    • Potassium-rich foods and fluid (e.g. banana, Gatorade)
  5. Antidiarrheal medications as ordered:
    • Demulcents – mechanically coat the irritated bowel and act as protectives.
    • Absorbents – absorbs gas or toxic substances from the bowel
    • Astringents – Shrink swollen or inflamed tissues in the bowel.

    Note: Do not administer antidiarrheal at the start of diarrhea. Diarrhea is the body’s protective mechanism to rid itself of bacteria and toxins.

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