Nursing Interventions for Hemophilia

Nursing Interventions: Hemophilia

  1. Provide emotional support, and listen to the patient’s fear’s and concerns.
  2. If the patient has surface cuts or epistaxis, apply pressure.
  3. Give the deficient clotting factor or plasma, as ordered.
  4. Apply cold compress or ice bags and raise the injured part.
  5. To prevent recurrence of bleeding, restrict activity for 48 hours after bleeding is under control.
  6. Control pain with an analgesics, as ordered.
  7. If the patient can’t tolerate activities because of blood loss, provide rest periods between acivities.
  8. To restore joint mobility, if ordered, begin range of motion exercises at least 48 hours after the bleeding is controlled.
  9. Watch for signs and symptoms of decreased tissue perfusion such as restlessness, anxiety, confusion, pallor, cool and clammy skin, chest pain, decreased urine output.
  10. Tell the patient to avoid heavy lifting and using power tools because they risk of injury that can result in serious bleeding problem.
  11. Advise the patient to notify the doctor immediately after even a minor injury
  12. Teach the patient the importance of protecting his veins for lifelong therapy.

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