Nursing Interventions for Kidney Cancer

Nursing Interventions: Kidney Cancer

  1. Administer prescribed analgesics as needed by the patient.
  2. Prepare for nephrectomy as indicated.
  3. Provide symptomatic treatment for adverse effects of chemotherapeutic drugs.
  4. Watch the patient for signs and symptoms of pulmonary, neurologic, and liver dysfunction.
  5. Monitor laboratory test results for anemia, polycythemia, and abnormal blood chemistry.
  6. Watch for adverse effects of radiation or chemotherapy.
  7. Monitor the patient’s degree of pain and assess the effectiveness of analgesics.
  8. Tell the patient what to expect from surgery and other treatments.
  9. Explain the possible effects of radiation and drug therapy.
  10. Stress the importance of compliance with any prescribed outpatient treatment.
  11. Encourage the patient to express his anxieties and fears and remain with him during periods of severe stress and anxiety.

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