Why you should be a Nurse Educator

Diane Claire is experiencing a dilemma. She is about to enter college after surviving tough years in High School and she knows she’ll have a bright future ahead of her. She knows that with her determination and will to learn, she will be able to push through with any challenge that comes her way in college. And that no matter how tough it will get, she will always find it in her to fight and emerge from this journey victorious. All she has to do now is to choose a course that she likes and invest everything that she could in it. There’s a problem, though. She wants two. She wants to be a nurse, but she also wants to be a teacher. So, which is which?

Which should she pursue? Which one should she choose when she wants to be both? She’s still researching about the two professions when she comes about the term “Nurse educator” and voila! Problem solved. But is this really the answer to her problem? Should she really be a nurse educator? If yes, why? Why should one become a nurse educator?

You can benefit from lifelong learning

When you are a nurse educator, you can have access to the latest, front-line information and research, benefit from opportunities to collaborate with other health professions, as well as learn from your students, as they in turn, learn from you, in other terms ‘reciprocal learning.’

You get to have predictable vacations

Schools of nursing set their academic calendar a year at a time and because of this, it is easy to see when classes stop and start and make plans. Most schools also offer the summer off when the faculty has the option of getting another job, teaching summer school or just choose to do whatever you want to do during the break.

You can inspire others into greatness

Being a nurse educator is so much more than just teaching. You get to touch lives and inspire others to become better, to reach for their goals. It’s up to you to guide your students, inspire them, compliment them when they do well, and help support them when they don’t do as well.

You can make a difference

As a teacher, you will have the chance to touch the lives of tomorrow’s patients, through the hands, minds and hearts of future nurses. Many educators keep saying that they receive great satisfaction from watching a student develop knowledge, skills and a professional identity.

You can Act as a Leader in the Nursing Profession

Nurse educators are said to have the opportunity to shape the next generation of nursing leaders, impact policies and standards, and support healthcare institutions.

As a nurse educator, you get to change the profession moving forward as you’ll have the opportunity to play a role in shaping the future of nursing through making sure that students are being knowledgeable and proficiently prepared for the field.

The rewards are immense

As a nurse educator, you get to see your students struggle and work hard to become a nurse. You see how the sacrifices they make as well as how determined they are to reach their goals. In turn, you also put in a great deal of time and energy in helping them succeed in the program. And when it finally ends, you find it a satisfying experience to watch your students walk across the stage and receive their nursing degree, sometimes, even making you feel as proud as a parent.


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