Nursing interventions for Systemic Lupus Erythematousus (SLE)

  • Assess patient’s general fatigue level.
  • Assess for the presence of depression,anxiety, and other stressors.
  • Conduct assessment to determine patient’s daily activities that contribute to fatigue.
  • Help patient to develop an energy-conserving plan for completing daily and other activities and work.
  • Suggest planning for rest periods as needed throughout the day to conserve energy.
  • Encourage patient to get 8-10 hours of sleepat night.
  • Encourage exercise as tolerated.
  • ssess patient’s prescription and non-prescription drug regimen and dosages.
  • Assess the patient’s usual daily dietary intake by asking her or him to keep a food diary.
  • Develop a dietary plan with the patient that encourages healthful eating. If the patient has nutrition-related lupus complications, refer her or him to a registered dietitian for specialized counseling.
  • Encourage exercise as tolerated.
  • Record patient’s weight at each visit.
  • Instruct patient to weigh herself or himself at home once a week and record it.
  • Monitor patient’s WBC count.
  • Teach patient to monitor temperature during a lupus flare.
  • Teach patient to look for signs and symptoms of infection, particularly urinary and respiratory infections. (Note: The cardinal signs of infection may be masked because of corticosteroids and antipyretic medications.)
  • Instruct patient to call physician if signs and symptoms of an infection appear or if a fever is elevated above normal baseline.
  • Explore possible ways of concealing skin lesions and hair loss.
  • Allow patient to express feelings and needs.
  • Assess patient’s usual coping mechanisms.
  • Acknowledge that feelings of denial and anger are normal.

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