Nursing Interventions for Measles


  1. Keep infected person in isolation until the 5th day of rash.
  2. Keep the patient in bed until fever and cough subside.
  3. Provide eye care (i.e., clean eyelid, irrigate eye with saline).
  4. Protect eyes of patients from glare of strong light as they are apt to be inflamed.
  5. Keep the patient in an adequately ventilated room but free from drafts and chilling to avoid complications of pneumonia.
  6. Increase fluid intake during fever.
  7. Increase humidity in the patient’s room to relieve cough.
  8. Administer tepid baths and apply soothing lotion (such as calamine) to relieve itching of skin.
  9. Immune serum or gamma-globulin may be given to modify illness and reduce complication.
  10. Antibacterial therapy may be given as ordered for treatment of complication (i.e., respiratory infection or gastroenteritis).
  11. Maintain good body hygiene of patient to reduce the risk of secondary infection from the lesions.
  12. Use a cool mist vaporizer, mouthwash, and tablets to suck on to keep mucous membranes moist.
  13. Give analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-pruritus as ordered to reduce pain, lower body temperature, and reduce the itching.

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