Changing and Flushing a Central Line Access Cap

Changing and flushing a central line access cap

  • Check client’s chart and care plan to determine time of last access cap change.
  • Identify client
  • Explain procedure to client and provide privacy
  • Gather equipment
  • Wash your hand and don gloves
  • Repeat procedure with the remaining access caps
  • Remove gloves and wash hands

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13 thoughts on “Changing and Flushing a Central Line Access Cap

  1. You must be so careful changing these! The nurse before me changed the caps but didn’t tighten them enough. One fell off & there was no clamp on that port. When I entered the room, the patient was having a stroke. She had coughed & air bubbles entered the tube into her heart. I had to testify against my coworker describing what I found. It was a terrible situation for all involved!

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