Diabetic Foot Care Tips

Diabetes Mellitus has a number of complications that must addressed or else further complications may threaten the normal functioning of an individual. Since diabetes can affect the nerves sensation as well as healing can also be damaged. Foot problems are so common yet proper treatment of such is still kept from people.

Diabetic foot can be caused by lack of blood flow on the lower extremities. This insufficiency may later result of the skin breakdown since there is lack of oxygen for skin regeneration. When this happens, the skin lacks moisture and eventually breakdown and sores will appear. These sores can be a channel for bacteria to enter the skin. Infection will then ensue and nerve damage can also be manifested. The foot work of diabetics can be affected by such occurrence of nerve damage.

In order to remember quickly, here are 8 key points in remembering proper diabetic foot care.

D – Daily examination of the feet. Make it a habit to daily examine both of your feet. This can help you to detect any unusual breakouts on the skin or even its moisture. Foot problems can be detected by this inspection.

I – Incorporate a routine of foot care. Learn on how to give a basic foot care such as keeping the toe nails well trimmed. A routine visit in a salon may also be helpful however; you must take into precaution when it comes to deep cleaning of the toenails and its surrounding tissues. Use appropriate well fitted foot ware in order to present damage on the foot as well as on the gait.

A – Always comply with anti-diabetic medications. Proper compliance to medical regimen can also lessen complications of diabetes such as circulation problems.

B – Be careful in preventing bumps on the road. Clear out the obstacles that might cause your fall or damage on your toes. A foot injury or an open wound from such bumps may also predispose you to some wound healing problems.

E – Exercise your feet regularly. Pedal exercise is important in promoting good circulation. All the muscles on the foot are regularly used making it fit for ambulation.

T – Treat your feet like your hands. Remember that your feet are as important as your hands. Try to give proper attention on the foot care needed in order to prevent discomfort while walking. Your feet will take whenever you would want to go, so it is a bit hard to use walkers or any assistance when after all, all you need are your feet.

E – Eliminate smoking in your lifestyle. This change should not be done abruptly, try to do it by and by until such time you do not need to get back on those vices. Smoking can lead to blockage of the veins on the foot causing insufficiency also.

S- Shop for well-fitted shoes. Nothing can be rewarding for a good fitted pair of shoes. Aside from fashion, you can give your feet the comfort that it needs in order to accomplish your daily activities.

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