Patient and Consumer Health Informatics

Focused on patient and consumer service particularly on:

  • Developing an effective way to communicate with the patient and customer without sacrificing the ultimate responsibilities of the nurses.
  • Development of system for the improvement of existing information and communication systems.
  • Participate in the implementation of the integration of nursing informatics in the Philippines.
  • Development information system to support of patient care and effective healthcare delivery systems.
  • Removal of redundant systems of entering and recording the same data (repetitive works)
  • Strengthen the decision process of the nurses and healthcare providers.
  • Eliminate transcription errors
  • Manage a patient waiting time to reduce delays
  • To humbly serve the patient and customers.

Communication Systems in Healthcare to Support Patient Care Systems

  • Designed to interact directly with the patient and consumer with or without the presence of nurses and healthcare providers.

Specifically focused on:

  • Information needs and effective application of information facilitates to supports individual needs.
  • Developing and evaluating methods and applications to support consumers in obtaining and using health information.
  • Developing and evaluating methods and applications to integrate consumer needs and preferences into information management system in clinical practice, education, and research.
  • Optimized the effectiveness of computerized information and communication and network systems for patients and consumers.
  • Building effective relationship between nurses, healthcare providers, patients, hospital staffs, management and the entire society.

Development of Patient and Consumer Health Informatics

  • Application of healthcare information and derivative of nursing information system that focus on the examination of patient needs and consumer necessities relevant to the healthcare, it includes studies, implementation processes, accessibility of information and any transformed data but keeping the integrity, security and confidentiality of data.
  • Provides support they need to better manage their health decisions using the effective facilities, nursing and healthcare provider skills and other tools.
  • The system will provide opportunity to mange certain aspects of healthcare without going to the hospitals and clinics.

Internet-Based Health Information System

  • Remote communication between the patient and the physician.
  • When a healthcare provider suggests a medication or treatment to illness, disorder and sickness, it can be done remotely via a communication protocol.


  • Application of Internet and other related technologies in the healthcare industry to improve the access, efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of clinical and business processes utilized by healthcare organizations, practitioners, patients, and consumers in an effort to improve the health status of patients.

Examples of e-Health products include:

  • Health gateway to health information, sharing of experience, strategies to certain condition, etc.
  • Connectivity and communications solutions, which streamline administrative workflow, thereby reducing the waste and inefficiencies.
  • E-commerce, including on-line health insurance and drug prescriptions.
  • Management of medication, treatment to illness, disorder and sickness.

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