Nursing Interventions Before Bronchogram


A radiopaque medium  is instilled directly into the trachea and bronchi and the entire bronchial tree or selected areas may be visualized through x-ray.

Nursing Interventions before Bronchogram

  1. Secure written consent.
  2. Check for allergies to seafoods or iodine or anesthesia.
  3. NPO 6 to 8 hours.
  4. Pre-op meds: atropine SO4 and valium, topical anesthesia sprayed followed by local anesthetic injected into larynx.
  5. Have oxygen and antispasmodic agents ready.

Nursing Interventions after Bronchogram

  1. Side-lying position.
  2. NPO until cough and gag reflexes return.
  3. Cough and deep breathe client.
  4. Low grade fever common.

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