Nursing Interventions in IV Infusion

It is very important to know the following nursing interventions in IV infusion:

  1. Verify the doctor’s order
  2. Know the type, amount and indication of IV therapy.
  3. Practice strict asepsis.
  4. Inform client and explain purpose of therapy.
  5. PRIME IV tubing to expel air. This will prevent air embolism.
  6. Clean the insertion site of IV needle from center to the periphery with alcoholized cotton swab.
  7. Shave area of needle insertion if hairy.
  8. Change IV tubing every 72 hours to prevent contamination.
  9. Change/alter needle insertion site every 72 hours to prevent thrombophlebitis.
  10. Regulate IV every 15-20 minutes to ensure administration of proper volume of IV fluid as ordered.
  11. Observe for potential complications.

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