Nursing Interventions for Latex Allergy

Nursing Interventions: Latex Allergy

  1. If the patient has a confirmed latex allergy, bring a cart with latex-free supplies in his room.
  2. Document in the patient’s chart that he has a latex allergy.
  3. If the patient will have an I.V. line makes sure that that I.V. access is accomplished using all latex free products.
  4. Place a warning label on I.V. bags that says “Don’t use latex injection ports”.
  5. Use nonlatex tourniquet. If none are available, use a latex tourniquet over clothing.
  6. Use latex free oxygen administration equipment.
  7. Wrap your stethoscope with non latex product to protect the patient form latex contact.
  8. Use a latex free syringes when administering medications through syringe.
  9. If the patient has an allergic reaction to latex, you must act immediately.
  10. Review with the patient products that contain latex material and instruct him to avoid these products within at home, work, or any environment he comes in contact with.

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