Patient Information Management System

What is Patient Information Management System

  • Improve the performance of the health care system, within the bounds of appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of private health records.
  • Typical patient health record system that provides complete and accurate summary of the health record that can be access at an instant in s specified controlled environment.
  • Provides medical history, laboratory test, list of medicines taken, room mapping, drug to drug interaction checking, electronic messaging between patients and providers, and other relevant information of the patient.
  • Facilitates the capture, storage, processing, communication, security, and presentation of computer-based patient record information.
  • Remote accessibility of information online to anyone should have the necessary electronic credentials to view the information.
  • Store all information of patient details and free beds or room in hospital quickly and simple.
  • Other functions include search patient, view, edit or delete patient’s information, beds rooms or list of doctor in hospital.
  • It can also be helpful for the nurse in providing healthcare services.

Census Taking Process via Patient Information Management System

  1. All the data are being transferred accordingly to the main data repository.
  2. This data base system should be capable of handling huge amount of information without the delay of process time.
  3. The data base system should also have the capability to transfer data from other system.
  4. The data collected is processed in the main processor so that the hospital census can be established.
  5. The census processing system should have reporting systems that are automatically generated by computed program which can interpret results.
  6. All the data will be analyzed and subjected to scrutiny of the department involved in the study.

Schematic Representation of Census Taking Process

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