Nursing Interventions for Influenza

Nursing Interventions: Influenza

  1. Administer analgesics, antipyretics, and decongestants, as ordered.
  2. Follow droplet and standard precautions.
  3. Provide cool, humidified air but change the water daily to prevent pseudomonas superinfection.
  4. Encourage the patient to rest in bed and drink plenty of fluids.
  5. Administer I.V. fluids as ordered.
  6. Administer oxygen therapy if warranted.
  7. Regularly monitor the patient’s vital signs, including his temperature.
  8. Monitor the patient’s fluid intake and output for signs of dehydration.
  9. Watch for signs and symptoms of developing pneumonia.
  10. Advise the patient to use mouthwash or warm saline gargles to ease sore throat.
  11. Teach the patient the importance of increasing fluid intake to prevent dehydration.
  12. Suggest a warm bath or heating pad to relieve myalgia.
  13. Review prevention of future influenza episodes with patient and the community.

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