Nursing Interventions for Osteoporosis

Nursing Interventions: Osteoporosis

  1. Focus on careful positioning, ambulation, and prescribed exercises.
  2. Administer analgesics and heat to relieve pain as ordered.
  3. Include the patient and his family in all phases of care.
  4. Encourage the patient to perform as much self-care as her immobility and pain allow.
  5. Provide the patient activities that involve mild exercise.
  6. Check the patient’s skin daily for redness, warmth, and new painsites.
  7. Monitor the patient’s pain level, and assess her response to analgesic’s, heat therapy, and diversional activities.
  8. Explain all treatments, tests, and procedure to the patient.
  9. Make sure the patient and her family clearly understand the prescribed drug regiman.
  10. Tell the patient to report any new pain sites immediately, especially after trauma.
  11. Provide emotional support and reassurance to help the patient cope with limited mobility.

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4 thoughts on “Nursing Interventions for Osteoporosis

  1. need help on this topic :
    Pick a muscle or bone disorder . Then pick a nursing diagnosis with all 3 parts to associate with that disorder . make up the evidence portion of the nursing diagnosis. Don’t use a risk for for diagnosis. Utilize one goal with all 3 parts. As in a definitive end time for the goal, no at discharge or use of frequencies accepted. Need 2 interventions with appropriate intervention timing. It will be worded in a way that fellow nurses will be able to perform the nursing task and know when to do the intervention. for each intervention, rationales with citations needed. Rationales need to be in words and actually provide reasoning why intervention is a viable intervention. Use Nanda book to back up interventions.

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