Nursing Interventions for Osteomyelitis

Nursing Interventions: Osteomyelitis

  1. Focus care on controlling infection, protecting the bone from injury, and providing support.
  2. Encourage the patient to verbalize his concerns about his disorder.
  3. Encourage the patient to perform as much self-care as his conditions allows.
  4. Help the patient identify care techniques and activities that promote rest and relaxation and encourage him to perform them.
  5. Use strict aseptic technique when changing dressings and irrigating wounds.
  6. Provide a well-balanced diet to promote healing.
  7. Support the affected limb with firm pillows.
  8. Provide thorough skin care.
  9. Provide complete cast care.
  10. Administer prescribed analgesics for pain.
  11. Assess vital signs, observe wound appearance, and note any mew pain which may indicate secondary infection.
  12. Watch for signs of pressure ulcer formation.
  13. Look for sudden malpositioning of the affected limb, which may indicate fracture.
  14. Explain all the test and treatment procedures.

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