Nursing Interventions for Herniated Disk

Nursing Interventions: Herniated Disk

  1. With the patient and doctor, plan a pain control regimen.
  2. Encourage the patient to express his concerns about the disorder.
  3. Urge the patient to perform as much self-care as his immobility and pain allow.
  4. Help the patient identify and perform care and activities that promote rest and relaxation.
  5. Use antiembolism stockings, as prescribed, and encourage the patient to move his legs, as allowed.
  6. Assess the patient’s pain status and his response to the pain-control regimen.
  7. Perform neurovascular checks of the patient’s legs such as color, motion, temperature, and sensation.
  8. Monitor vital signs, and check for bowel sounds and abdominal distention.
  9. Teach the patient about treatments, which include bed rest and pelvic traction.
  10. Urge the patient to maintain an ideal body weight to prevent lordosis caused by obesity.
  11. Discuss all prescribed medications with the patient.
  12. If surgery is required, explain all preoperative and postoperative procedures and treatments to the patient and his family.

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