Nurse Undergoes Panel Discipline Due to Sexual Misconduct

David Omolayo Ayoola Ajayi, a mental health nurse in Northampton was found guilty for several sexual misconduct while working as West Lodge from 2006-2008. The Nursing and Midwifery Council placed that ruling over him in London.  The decision was made this Friday without the presence of the nurse. He was willing to allow the proceedings to continue without his attendance. It was later found out that his absence to the trial was due to his depressed feelings about the events.

The charges were composed of 70 misconduct charges which happened in the span of 2006 to 2008. In the span of two years there were many instances that this mental health nurse did not maintain a professional gap between his patients. Those patients who were victims of his sexual misconduct were not capable physically to defend themselves. Others even claimed that this nurse paid for sexual favours. One caregiver was also a victim of such acts too.

According to the reports, David Ajayi faced several charges that were proven to be true as witnesses surfaced during the trial. One act was about a female resident who was kissed and encountered sexual advances from the mental health nurse. Another female resident claimed that she was touched by this nurse four times. One of the instances, she was offered a drink and cigarettes in exchange of the sexual favour.

He was even reported to have entered the bathroom while a patient was bathing. He claimed to assist her but this is contrary to the claims of the victim.

Aside from claimed sexual misconducts towards female residents of the facility, a male resident in West Lodge encountered a fight against this nurse. This misconduct was seriously taken into account since patients in the facility are not combative. They can really be taken over by a stronger arm such as the mental health nurse.

Other charges were related to performing nursing responsibilities. He was found to have neglected one duty to provide a safe environment to a patient. The patient claimed that he has dragged like a rag doll. Another episode was about a medication that was not given but was this nurse affixed his signature in the medicine sheet.

According to the mental health nurse, upon hearing those allegations from his previous patients as well as the caregiver, he could not believe it and even sworn in the name of God that all of these did not happen. That news brought him to tears he claimed. He was in complete denial about those acts.

The concrete witnesses’ accounts proved that the nurse’s behaviour were troubling. According the Chairman Jim Spencer, there is a need to take a firm action towards this nurse. He was not fitted to practice nursing and a ruling regarding these acts ends his predatory behaviour. The weight of those sexual acts was completely alarming in the council.

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