Nursing Interventions for Xerosis


  • Gently cleanse skin with a mild, pH balanced cleanser and soft cloth or disposable wash cloth (Bedside Care Foam, Bedside Care, Bedside Care Easicleanseâ„¢ Bath or Gentle Rain Extra Mild).
  • Pat skin dry. Do not rub.
  • Moisturize skin daily.
  • Moisturizers should generally be applied 3 to 4 times per day for optimal results, although frequency of application can be adjusted depending upon the severity of the dry skin.
  • Avoid excessive water exposure
  • Patients with dry hands should be advised to apply moisturizers after washing their hands and throughout the day when needed.
  • For those who experience dry skin in the facial area only, there is a wide range of facial moisturizers formulated for various skin types.
  • Apply moisturizing creams or lotions after bathing and as needed (Sween 24, Sween Cream or Atrac-Tain Cream).
  • Apply skin moisturizer within 3 minutes of getting out of bath or shower
  • Advise patient to avoid scratching the affected area
  • Advise patient to apply sunscreen daily, especially when going outdoors
  • Allow patient to wear fabrics such as cotton that allow the skin to breathe
  • Give antipruritic products, skin protectants, and topical hydrocortisone to protect areas of dry skin and to relieve inflammation, erythema, and itching.
  • Keep patient hydrated. Encourage at least 8 glasses of water daily, if not contraindicated by a medical condition (eg, congestive heart failure or renal disease)



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