Cuts in Medicare Benefits may Result to Low Quality Nursing Care

The Manors at Hobe Sound experienced a cut in Medicaid last July, and is now going through a Medicare cut in October. It is not the sole sufferer of cuts, but virtually every Florida Skilled Nursing Facilities underwent these cuts. Behind these cuts are the heads of the government and the future elections can help keep these cuts from continuing.

The Centers of Medicare Services (CMS) usually emerges with a fresh standard or new guideline and will implement this on nursing facilities. They say to facilities that they have until such time to conform. What happens next is facilities get ready and in-service their personnel in accordance to a new guideline. CMS will then declare cuts to the nursing establishments that now have slashed the expenses to labor, care, and to facilities. So how are they (CMS, the regulators, and the government) expecting these standards supposed to be received with the ongoing cuts to continue?

Candidates are for President are there saying this and that, yet, what about saying no cuts to those facilities where their voters are residing in?

The industry has been around for so long and has undergone a lot of changes already. It has moved forward in remarkable ways. Doctors have created notions and methods to enable people to prolong their lives. Nursing care facilities have discovered methods that greatly differ from 10 years ago, thanks to training and the budget that enable them to. Quality care for the elder has increased and the diligence of nursing facilities has soared as well. All of this can be hard, even impossible to achieve if cuts happen to facility or failure in staffing, on the other hand, staff is required, as well as funds, census and sustenance from the government.

Should these cuts go on and be affected like they have been back in July with Medicaid, and the recent one in October with Medicare, nursing facilities will eventually close up, with some to suffer loss in personnel, and several other issues that will greatly affect elder care. When that time comes, what is going to be done with the elderly? Who is going to provide care to them? The elderly need a place where they can live and have their needs be tended to. If cuts go on in about 669 facilities there is in Florida, where will the elderly go if nursing facilities can no longer survive with such occurrences?

Before voting to have a cut to a nursing facility, first a visit to that facility needs to be done first and see that facility in person to know the quality of the care being given to its residents. Cutting back on these facilities for no apparent reason means decreasing, possibly, the quality of care that can reach the residents. Cuts should therefore be minimized, if not removed altogether.

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