Nursing Home Got a Perfect Score from Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services

Corpus Christi – We have mentioned to you the day before regarding the matter of nursing homes that have acquired the lowest rankings in the area of Corpus Christi.

For our 6 News investigation, we have found out that there have been reports of thefts as well as mistreatment.

On the other hand, there is also some good news. At the time of our search, we were able to learn of a facility that has achieved a perfect score.

Quentin Warren goes to Wooldridge Place Nursing Center every single day to see his mother. He stated that it is the one thing that his mother has to look forward to every night – him coming over and having dinner with her.

After some doctors have diagnosed his mother with Alzheimers, Warren has had to make a tough decision – the year before – to look for a safe place for her to live in.

According to Warren, Wooldridge Place arrived at the number one spot of his list. He said that he has requested the doctor to give him a suggestion of three nursing homes and Wooldridge Place Nursing Center was one of the three that they have looked at.

A worker at Wooldridge Place, Araceli Cabral made mention that they are really blessed in the place because they all care and when everyone can be made to care and they are placed together in a single building, this will have resulted into such.

6 News has found out that it is the only nursing home in the area to achieve a perfect rate from the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services.

The reporter inquired as to how the facility keeps in line with federal as well as state regulations. Rena Casanova, an employee, gave the answer that they all put effort and work together as one team and each and everyone has their work to perform, therefore, the moment that they go through the door, that was the time that they begin their jobs.

Residents as well as visitors alike that were spoken to have said that what makes Wooldridge Place an extraordinary one is the people who were employed there, disregarding surveys or ratings alike.

Quentin Warren stated that it has pretty much grown to be like a family for him there for the reason that he knows everybody and that everybody else knows him too.

Cabral has stated that the surveys that are carried out are great and it is terrific that 6 News have witnessed it and are familiar with it, however, for them, it is a daily thing that they love their residents and that they want to make certain that these residents are happy.

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